Without a prescription, you cannot purchase medicine online. If you don’t have a prescription from a doctor, a legal medicine supplier will never give you prescription medicines. You can only get medicines from doctors, including online doctors, if certain conditions are met. For instance, they must have access to your most recent medical records.

When can medicines be endorsed on the web?

You can only get prescription drugs from an online doctor if the doctor: has access to your current medical records because they are aware of your medication history and are in a treatment relationship with you. Then only you can get medicines online.
To accurately diagnose your medical condition, the doctor must satisfy each of these requirements. They cannot prescribe you medicines online if they do not. Based on your responses to an online questionnaire, online doctors are not permitted to prescribe medications.

Avoid purchasing prescription drugs from online retailers that do not require a prescription.

Have you found an online supplier that sells medicines without a prescription, which are typically prescribed? Know: They are selling counterfeit drugs. Your health may be seriously harmed if you use them.

Do you purchase medication online? Know these dangers.

order medicines online

Following the birth of her first child, Anusha had resumed her employment. She had not purchased the essential items for her baby while she was on maternity leave because she was a working single parent. At this crucial moment, shopping online was the best option she could think of. She ordered almost all of the baby items online and had them delivered to her house for less money.
While Anusha found that shopping online was beneficial, Saarika, her friend, did not have a particularly pleasant experience.

She was directed to an offshore website while searching the internet for a pill to help her lose weight. After entering the information for her credit card on the website, she received an outrageous bill. She was even more shocked when she discovered that the weight loss pill was fake. While customers like Anusha have found online shopping to be advantageous, doctors have varying perspectives on the practice. While there are benefits, one shouldn’t neglect the dangers implied they say,

Concerns and risks while ordering medicine online

Online pharmacies that are unethical or illegal sometimes send out out-of-date medications or substitutes. However, medical professionals assert that this can also occur at medical stores. There is no way to be certain that the medicine online that pharmacies sell are genuine. The same holds true for medicine online as well.

According to Dr. Arvind Kasaragod, director of medical services at Cloudnine Group of Hospitals in Bengaluru, “it’s not about how the medicine is sold, but how the regulatory bodies have to behave.”
The location of these pharmacies is also a concern. The borders between nations are no longer there thanks to the internet. The brand names may frequently create turmoil. They might be the same brands but have different medications, or they might be drugs that look similar but have different components. In the end, the patient receives the incorrect medications.

According to Dr. Pranav Kumar, a neurosurgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi, “sometimes, medicines sold online without a prescription may be counterfeit, lack active ingredients, or even contain harmful ingredients.”
According to experts, there is insufficient technical infrastructure to monitor the sale of medicine online. medicine online are criticized for encouraging self-medication, illegal drug purchases by customers, the inability to verify prescriptions online, and patients purchasing drugs without original prescriptions.


Regardless of the relative multitude of dangers and concerns, online drug stores actually enjoy a few benefits. HealthCare at HOME CEO Vivek Srivastava says: This company will expand in India, and one of its greatest advantages is improved access to customers and expanded access to those living in the hinterlands.

Laws for online medicine

In India, there is no specific law that governs online pharmacies; rather, multiple laws indirectly govern them. The sale of Schedule H and Schedule X drugs is governed by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules of 1945.There are specific guidelines for labeling and bar-coding these drugs, and they can only be sold with a prescription.
The Drugs and Cosmetics Act covers online pharmacies, which are legal in India. According to Jayant Singh, senior vice president, pharma business, HealthCare atHOME, “there are some grey areas in terms of certain schedules of drugs – schedule X and schedule Y.”

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